Peace Rally in Buffalo
by Feyler (Dec.12.2002)

    On December 10th, 2002, hundreds of people gathered in Buffalo in solidarity with people in every country to celebrate Human Rights Day and to protest the President's war in Iraq.

    The war in Iraq is a violation of Human Rights for many reasons. The first and foremost is that every person has the right to lead a full healthy life. Many American children from the age of 18 and up will lose their lives at best, and will be forever enduring a lifelong debilitating illness or disability, possibly with psychosis, making them dependent for the rest of their lives. But, war and human rights aren't just about American lives, it is about all life.

    An American man who was born in Iraq made the statement, "Do the Iraqis want to get rid of Saddam? The answer is yes. Do they want war? No. There is another alternative. Allow the Iraqis to do it." It is important for people to stand up against others when injustice is being done, and it is equally important to let the citizens of that government to stand up for themselves.

    Another element that proves that war is inhumane is that when war happens, it is the innocent citizens of that country that pay the price. It will be Iraqi children, women and non-military men who will die at our men's gunfire. Saddam will not die, for our government will want to bargain with him. He will continue to be as unjust with his people whether we go to war or not, and the Iraqi citizens will not be any closer to freedom.

    We went to Lafayette Square in solidarity with the Iraqi citizens to stand up against our own government, its violations of our rights, and its declaration of war on human beings. We stood up in solidarity with millions of other people across the world demanding peace and human rights.

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