About This Website

    AllPowerToThePeople is about supporting people, getting people inspired, and getting people active in their life. I believe that we all need to have power over our own lives, because that is what makes life worth living. When we have choices and the ability to agree or dissent, and be able to act accordingly, we feel an inner sense of accomplishment and purpose.

    AllPowerToThePeople is about letting those who are in the minority of opinions, to express them and realize that there is a world out there, away from the computer, that is acting in our interests.

-Heather K.

    One day, shortly after we had finished watching a movie based on the Black Panthers, we decidedd we wanted to do a website. We started thinking of names and I was trying to demonstrate how to pick a good domain name that wasn't already taken. Heather suggested PowerToThePeople.com and I knew that that would already be taken, and it was. We tried AllPowerToThePeople.com and I was sure that would already be taken also. It wasn't. So, here it is now.

    This website is a representation of who we are --Heather and I-- and some documentation of what we're doing and how we feel the world could be a better, happier place. I don't know exactly where this website will take us, but I'm sure it will be fun finding out.

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