tell FCC Chair Powell - Hands off Free Speech!
by Brian Brown-Cashdollar (May.19.2003)


So Where'd all the Patriots Go?

Since 9/11 many Americans has rediscovered love for country. However for most people it doesn't seem to extend beyond sticking flags to their cars and in their front lawn and hating liberals. Many of these so called patriots have celebrated the supposed freedom that our military marketing machine has brought to Afghanistan and Iraq, yet they don't seem interested in raising a finger to defend our democracy here at home. On June 2 of this year Michael Powell, son of General Colin Powell and head of the FCC, will try to push through what seems to be the most profound changes to media ownership since the creation of the FCC. Despite the rumored scale of these changes and the impending vote, the final draft of the rule changes have not yet been released and only one public hearing has been held since it was first presented. However, what has been leaked indicates that all restriction on cross ownership and media penetration will be removed. What this means is that in a market like Buffalo will end up with one media interest owning all the radio, TV, and print outlets. We will have the corporate equivalent of the former Soviet State controlled Pravda. Essentially, it will be a quiet repeal of our First Amendment right of free speech. And this isn't just the perceptions of people, some like call the loony left, it is the position of the NRA and the Christian Coalition (which some like to call the wacky right). So I would suggest to all those arm-chair patriots that now would be a good time to put down the remote and stand up for America. Call Mr. Powell at the FCC, call your Senators, Representatives, call this paper and the networks and tell them to take their hands off our Bill of Rights.

Brian Brown-Cashdollar


I would encourage you to call Powell's office, but I was told that objections to the rules changes on Media Ownership must be made in-writing. They can be faxed or mailed to his office. Just a note Powell is pushing for a vote prior to 6/2, so time is of the essence.

Chairman Michael Powell
Federal Communications Commission
445 12 Street SW
Washington, DC 20001

Voice: 202 418-1000
Fax: 202 418-2801

Brian Brown-Cashdollar

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