In the AfterMass
by Green Earth Al

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    Heather K. and I go to a LOT of protests. Bunches of em. Our government has gotten so drunk with power that there's no shortage of things to protest.

    Critical Mass, however, is NOT a protest. Trust me. I know what a protest looks like, and this is NOT it.

    Critical Mass is just a bunch of people that want to ride bikes together. They want to smile and laugh and have a good time and see our city and be seen on their bikes. There are at least a couple right wingers, a healthy compliment of left wingers and a whole bunch of apolitical people. Lots of young people that think that bicycles are a good way to get around and enjoy the idea of having bikes outnumber the cars one day of the month so that they feel safe.

    But all of that has been lost on everyone. Channel 2 news coverage of the events that night had a live reporter who inadvertently referred to us as "the protesters... I mean the bicyclists" and the police and law representitives have steadily referred to us as "protesters" ever since the event. The newspapers keep calling us a bicycle rights group and quoting people who are "members" of Critical Mass. Well in case anyone was wondering how they too can have a membership, all you do is show up on the last friday of the month with your bike and you're in.

    But since everybody seemed to want bike "protesters" so bad, that's what they ended up getting. It was two days after the event. I was taking a nice Sunday afternoon ride on my bike to finally drop off some papers at Rust Belt books. I was riding past Elmwood and Summer and thinking about what had happened Friday night when I spotted Theresa from the co-op. She has been in a play at Rust Belt Books lately and she was walking with other people in the play and they were carying signs so I stopped to see what was up.

    Theresa's sign said something like 'Biking does not equal Rioting' with a not equal sign instead of the words spelled out. First I wondered to myself what percentage of sign readers were going to know what a not equal sign means. But then I wondered where she was going. That was the question I chose to ask out loud.

    They pointed to the corner of Elmwood and summer and it began to dawn on me that they were all carying pro-bicycling signs and they were going to demostrate in support of us. They had not even been in the ride that Friday but they were bicyclists and they had just spontaneously decided to show their solidarity. That was awesome.

    I raced over to the bookstore to drop off my stuff and then raced home to print out a sign. My sign said "B.P.D. May I please ride my bike? (pretty please)" Then Heather K. and I had a little disagreement about whether I was being too much of an aggitator and whether or not the (pretty please) was a bit over the top. I printed it out as is and then hit three different EMail lists with the fact that an impromptu rally was happening on the corner where it all went down.

    Heather and I biked down to Elmwood to get me a bike helmet from Campus Wheelworks. I ran into someone from the ride and showed her my sign. I showed my sign to the staff at the store and they got a kick out of it. It took a while to get a bike helmet because there were other people in line. So by the time I got back to Elmwood and Summer there were already people there that I had emailed.

    I was shocked. I often EMail people about what's going on but I'd long since given up on actually having it work. Usually you just email people and say what's going on and nothing ever comes of it. Something about Critical Mass and the police actions had touched a nerve and it seemed like everyone wanted to participate.

    Being at that Rally was really great. I am used to being at rally after rally where the passing traffic hates you and they shout mean things at you. Usually there are some young republican looking college kids that look fit to fight with a group of older ladies for holding signs and voicing their opinion. Lately the Women In Black silent vigil gets flipped off (the middle finger gesture) about once every 10 minutes. There's a kid that drives by every week to shout "Yay War!". This pro-bike protest was way different and very refreshing. Sure, just by the law of averages we got the obligatory car full of young white boys yelling "Go home you hippie homos" but the overwheling majority of the response was very positive. There was a guy who brought the Critical Mass signature sign "Honk if you like bikes" and there was all kinds of honking from every direction. Lots of people stopping to ask 'what's going on?' too. The long row of bicycles along the sidewalk had piqued their curiosity.

    My sign was by no means the most inflamatory. A lot of Critical Mass riders had a lot to say to the public about the mistreatment they had witnessed or been subject to. A channel 7 news camera showed up and started filming things and filed my sign and my sign made it onto the news. As he was filming it the cameraman said "I like the (pretty please)". Heh.


    That same Sunday Ellie from the IAC asked me if I would come to the Tuesday night IAC meeting and tell people what happened at the ride. I agreed to do that. I wasn't nervous about it because usually the same few people show up at IAC meetings and they're all used to me going on with my opinions anyway. I said I'd give a report on what happened in court that morning too.

    Nothing happened in court that morning. The araignment for the fearsome "bike-criminals" got pushed back to Friday. In fact I guess they're trial is about to happen now as I write this. I have to go work my co-op volunteer hours in a few minutes so I can't show up at the trial today. I'll add the details to this when I get them though.

    Anyway the IAC meeting had a whole lot more people than normal show up. I didn't have to worry about speaking though because there were plenty of people there to speak. There was a woman named Loretta Renford there who studies police misconduct in Buffalo and who has a Public Access television show and she's looking for Critical Mass riders to interview. I'll just pass on exactly what she sent me:

I would like to get in touch with all the bikeers,especially those that were arrested to come on my public access show and talk about the issues surrounding the bike ride of last week.

I am also enlisting the witnneses as well as others to participate as the audience. This way we can educate all concerned about the plight of Criticle Mass and the Rights of all Bikers.

We also hope to present the facts as to what the facts are.

Please contact me as soon as possible so that I can post time, date,place of taping.

While I and many others are saddended by your incident, this is another reason that the struggle for police brutality, racism, discrimination, and other issues continues.

Please make sure that all injured, arrested in this melee, File a complaint with the Commission on Citizen's Reights and Community Relations, Room 1701 City Hall, 851-8000.

Good luck tomorrow in Court. See you there. Judge Carney, City Court 50 Delaware @9:30 AM

Thank you.

Loretta L. Renford, CCAPA

    She also suggested that anyone involved might wish to file a complaint with the B.P.D. Here is the procedure from the B.P.D. website:


A complaint may be filed with the Department in the following ways:

  • Go to any Police Dept. building & request to speak with a Supervisor
  • Call the Professional Standards Division at (716)851-4557
  • Write a letter to the Commissioner of Police at Police Headquarters, 74 Franklin St., Buffalo, NY 14202
If you wish, you may bring a lawyer, family member or a friend with you when the complaint is filed. Filing a citizen complaint does not prevent you from filing a claim against the city or complaints with other government authorities.

Police Department personnel will meet with you at a location YOU feel comfortable in. Information that you have that would assist in the inquiry would include:

  • Date, time, and location of the incident
  • Names, badge numbers, or car numbers of the members involved
  • Names, Addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses

    Also Heron was there and he made a lot of great points.


    So the next day it was Squeeky Wheel's turn to show their support. They had a film screening of the Critial Mass video that shows the history of the ride in San Fransisco. They had a documentary that someone did on the first Critical Mass in Buffalo also. Then they had some VCR footage of the news coverage where the police representatives spoke about what a menace we were and how the police had acted absolutely appropriately. Well let me just say that I saw a police officer shove Maryanne Coyle to the ground with my own eyes. I am not used to seeing a full grown man, especially one in uniform, shove an unsuspecting woman in that manner and it was BY NO MEANS appropriate. I saw the police whacking people with sticks who were not fighting back and THAT WAS NOT APPROPRIATE. I didn't get to witness the police attacking Dr. Niman but by all accounts from those who did that was completely inappropriate. They way they manhandled these young kids as they cuffed them was also inappropriate. Not to mention that the whole thing was just completely unnecessary since we weren't harming anyone by riding our bikes.

    More later.


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If you were a witness to these events, please make certain that Mark Mahoney and the legal team have your witness statement: Mark Mahoney

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