Critical Mass Photo Gallery 3
Photos by Bernie Naylon & Michael Niman
Commentary by green.earth.al

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In all fairness, only some of the police officers took leave of their senses. The officers in the white shirts are higher ups. They are supposed to be in charge of keeping the peace but that's not the way it went. The officer on the left and the officer in the middle here were pretty level headed throughout this craziness. They both had ample opportunity to "get crazy" and whack some bicyclists with their compatriots but didn't. We appreciate it.

This is officer Santiago. He really likes to whack people with a flashlight. Bicyclists sure, but ordinary citizens on foot will do also. We've come to find out that officer Santiago has a history of taking out his frustrations while on the job.

This is officer Johnson. I observed officer Johnson getting out of his car just looking for someone to beat up. I really did not understand why he emerged from his car with so much rage in his face. I lost sight of him as he beat up Dr. Mike Niman but I observed him hitting at least one other person.

Officer Santiago asserts his masculinity while officer Johnson looks over his shoulder waiting for a chance to assert his own.

This is officer Vazquez. He appears as confused by all of this as we are. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Maybe he could be so kind as to teach his fellow officers not to beat on people for no reason.

This is the picture of professor Heron Simmonds that Dr. Mike Niman took. This is a good illustration of the extent to which Sommonds was "resisting arrest". As Heron has pointed out, the officer only required one hand to cuff him, the officer was SO CONCERNED about how dangerous he was that he(officer Santiago) left his backpack on him and put him into the car with his backpack still on, and THEN he was so concerned that he left Simmonds in the car without closing the door all the way. Yes, clearly, he was a serious threat. (also a good illustration of how much traffic there was on Elmwood for us to block with our bicycles of evil)

Here we have the two buckwild police lieutenants bravely manhandling a young woman and another bicycle terrorist. Fortunately a helium-filled balloon of evil is coming to their rescue.

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