Critical Mass Photo Gallery 2
Photos by Bernie Naylon & Michael Niman
Commentary & Sarcasm by green.earth.al

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Oh thank goodness the police are here. Just LOOK at this nest of insidiousness. That's me on the left with the peace symbol on my jacket. Clearly, I am guilty of cycling while believing in peace, self-righteously telling people what to think and trying to freely express myself. But that is NOTHING compared to the woman in the middle of this picture. She has here, in plain view, where anyone might see it, an ELMO balloon!!! She is guilty of cycling while in possession of a helium-filled Muppet balloon. There can be no doubt that she is a menace to society and must not be permitted to walk the streets with decent, law abiding Americans.

This is what a bicycle RIOT looks like. Observe the violent throngs of cyclists attacking and vandalizing the general public, officers of the law and basically anything that gets in their way.

There's Maryanne again. Just look at how happy she is to be spreading the evil subliminal messages with her hypnotic evil Elmo balloon!

Here are Matt and Maria. How the officers of the law ever got these two miscreants under control is beyond me. When they get going they are a ball of violence like something out of one of those martial arts movies. Don't let their relative size (in relation to the officer) fool you.

Here we have the young man who got a summons for Jaywalking. Jaywalking may not have been part of the evil plot initially, police suspect that they may have come up with more heinous and anti-social offences like this in the heat of the moment. Other cyclists across the street appear to possibly have the intent to commit acts of Jaywalking as well.

Ah ha! Males commiting an act of public hugging!!! Dammit officers, you have guns! What's it going to take for you to start defending the public???

As demonstrated by the photo record, the bike terrorists were setting fire to the village, looting artifacts and making sour faces at children and the elderly. If only there were some more police officers available to get this angry two-wheeling mob under control.

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