Critical Mass Photo Gallery 1
Photos by Bernie Naylon & Michael Niman
Commentary & Sarcasm by green.earth.al

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Here we have the evil hippie bike anarchists assembling in front of City Hall. It is clear from this photo that they are conspiring to have fun riding their bicycles together and commiting acts of capricious social interaction without a permit.

From the very beginning we can see them plotting mayhem. Notice all of the traffic they are blocking from the very beginning of the ride. Folks, please do not let your children be coopted by these smiling, healthy, anti-"traffic" loonatics.

This is Matt. No doubt he is hatching a malicious plot to block emergency vehicles and insite a riot. Clearly evident, beneath the innocuous looking smile, he is planning unspeakable evil.

Here we have the criminally insane horde riding their bikes on Clinton street near Smith. I'm not sure why no blocked traffic appears in the background. I'm sure that somewhere nearby there must be a traffic jam of unimaginable proportions.

Here is the group on Delaware. It is entirely possible that they are influencing innocent children, and leading them to believe that bicyling is fun, paving the way to temptation that could lead to future generations of wickedness.

This photo, simply put, is more evil than you could shake a stick at. I know because I stopped to pick up a stick and tried to shake it but there was too much evil to shake at all of it.

Fortunately, the police arived to restore order.

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